Monday, June 15, 2015

Baptism On July 4th!

Sector- Lampa, Santiago
Companero- From Ecuador
Carta #91

This week has been really good!! I dont know If I told you guys already, but we found a family that is just SO amazing, and all three of them are planning on getting baptized the 4th of July!!!! what a good way to celebrate it right!? And my birthday!!! Im so excited, and Im so happy to be teaching this family, because they were just sooo prepared,and Im sooo glad that we were able to be instruments in Gods hands to find them and bring them to him. Thats so amazing to me. And it makes me soooo happy! We have been looking a lot for more investigators, and weve had some success, so were happy with whats going on. Its the Copa America here in Chile so everyone is like crazy for the soccer games that are like every single day. And Chile is doing super well so theres like a tonnn of parties and everything hahah not the best time to preach the gospel ,but its a cool experience!!!

Wow When I think about all that I have to do at home I just get STRESSED, and worried, I just want to be happy and spend time with the people I love hahaha But Im not gonna worry about that now, Im just going to think about the good things that are happening, and the good things that will happen when Im home. Thanks for the tips on the homecoming talk hahaha Dad dont worry, ive gotten soooo used to speaking in public now I feel like comfortable now in front of people. Because like every week I have to teach in front of 22 missionaries! Those are the blessings from the mish!!! pretty cool right!?

Well My companion is from Ecuador and ecuador lost in the Copa America to Chile so everyone makes fun of him for that hahahah but hes cool, Its a little bit harder to get along with him, but still I try to look for the Good and not be thinking about the bad things, becasue that will just be bad for the relationship. Thank you for Everything, HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!! I hope its the best ever!!! I wish I could do skype with you on Fathers day, but we cant, Im sorry hahah but at least Ill be there with you guys soon!!!

I LOVE you Guys!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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