Tuesday, January 20, 2015

God is There!

Sector- Renka, Santiago
Companero- Elder Bird
Carta #71

WOW!  I'm filled with mixed emotions right now, but I also am filled with comfort because I've prayed SO much this week. This week has been one of the HARDEST weeks. I know that God is giving me this trial so that I'm able to grow, but its one of the hardest times to have trials as well. Its been taking a toll on me, but I promise I've said like 25 prayers every single day to be able to keep pushing on. Because I swear Satan has been trying to get at me allllll weeek. With Emily going home, with the fact that were not having a lot of success, the fact that its like 110 degrees outside, and if we're lucky we have one lesson a day. Its been REALLY hard. And some of the hardest moments in the mission, is when I feel completely ALONE. Because I am not a person that likes to be alone. And sometimes when I'm here I feel alone. But during this week that happened a few times, but every time I prayed I was able to feel comfort and to feel him say "keep going". And I was able to know Someone is there. And that God is there with me through every trial. I LOVE praying and honestly it is the only thing that gets me through right now. And I've been able to feel the true power of prayer. I know that these things are only a test and that I need to be faithful and hopeful in these hard moments so that I am able to get through it and see the MIRACLES that will happen in this area. I know its hard now, but one of my favorite scriptures is in D&C 58 where it says after the tribulations come the blessings. and that we are not able to see the plan that God has for us with our natural eyes right now, but one day we will be crowned with glory, and be relieved from all our problems and difficulties. I know that after this there will come so many blessings. I don't know when, but that's the great thing about living the gospel is that you don't know when the blessings will come, but you DO know that they WILL come. Maybe not in this moment or a year from now, or maybe not even in this life, but they WILL come. (that's not me that said that. Its from a talk Jeffery R. Holland gave).  hahah, not taking credit for that!!!

I am just praying and praying that I will be able to make it through this hard point and see the blessings. I know that I have felt your prayers as well. Keep praying and supporting me because I need it!!! I'm so thankful that heavenly father is always there to listen to my complaints and to comfort me. And I'm glad that there are the scriptures that can comfort me as well. And I'm so glad to know that God has great things in store for me right here in the mission and afterwards.

you guys should call e\Emily for me and tell her I love her!!! hahahaha
I love you guys!!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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