Monday, January 12, 2015

Always Trust in God

Sector- Renka, Santiago
Companero- Elder Bird
Carta #70

Hahaha, thanks for alll the uplifting stuff you guys always send. 

To be honest this week has been another hard week haha. It has been SO HOT outside. And we´ve been working really hard to just find new people more new people. We have a few investigators that are progressing pretty good. Hahah, we have one named Marcella that is super good and ALWAYS reads the Book of Mormon and says she knows its true. We invited her to be baptized, and she said she would like to be baptized, but we tried to put a date one month away, and she was like wow, wow, wow, if I'm gonna get baptized, its not gonna be one moment to the other, I'm gonna wait at least a year. hahahahaha that SUCKED!!!!!! but were going to work with her and explain things to her. At least we found a few new people this week that have a lot of potential. I also was praying a lot to know what I can really do with this sector so that it can have a real change. And not just a few baptisms, but that the whole ward would be able to change and that there will ALWAYS be baptisms here in this ward. Because its not my goal to just baptize a few people and go, I want there to be a change in the way the ward looks at missionary work. because right now they're looking at it as hopeless. like there's never going to be success in this ward. because there's been like 5 baptisms in the past 2 years and all of them are inactive. I was just praying to know what I can do. And I realized that what we need to do is work with the leaders. Do activities where the ward is participating in fellow-shipping the investigators, where investigators are able to come and feel a love from the ward. I don't Know exactly what the plan is yet, but that's the feeling I get that we need to do something different than what all the other missionaries have done here in the past. And I want to get the ward motivated to work with us. I'm praying that it works. And I'm praying that we can start to see some change here. I'm praying that I can stay strong, because some days I feel like Satan attacks me sooo much and puts negative thoughts in my mind, especially in this hard part in my mission. So please pray. because Its pretty hard. But I do know that there will be blessings after this. I'm glad that I am able to go through challenges here on my mission, so that I can progress and become a better person for when the challenges will come when I have a family. And that I can be a good leader of that family, always trusting in God. And Always wanting to do Gods will. 

Shout out to Emily shes ending the mission next week and shes really been a great missionary. She has shown me how I can be better. And really has shown me how I can Love the work. And LOVE the mission. I used to tell here how hard it was, but she helped me to be able to LOVE the mission. Shes served well. hahah And I'm proud of what she has done.

I love you family. I'm excited to see you guys again, in just 7 months. We're gonna have the time of our lives. It'll be SICK.

I love you guys!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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