Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Follow God's Plan

Sector- Batuco, Chile
Companero- Elder Pereira
Carta #37

Wow! that talk you gave sounds super good!! haha those stories are pretty sick!! I miss going on campouts so much!!! How are the fires? did they all stop? hahah our house didnt burn down!? And bobbys finally back home! That's cool! now he can finally get back into surfing! haha that looks like a sweet fhe at the beach! that's super cool..I miss the beach and surfing ha.

But this week has been cool! Something cool is that Wes is in my District!!! and were gonna do exchanges so he gets to come with me for a day!!! WOO! thats gonna be super sweet!! haha Its so weird seeing him on the mission haha When he got here he was suppeerr nervous and I could tell his first weeks were gonna be superr hard for him ha. And what was the first thing I said to him? Hahah I said dude the mission suuckkss..Your gonna die. Hahaha no just kidding I told him that it sucks at first but you get used to it, and when you start to see the blessings its all worth it. haha And I can call him and everything so its super cool!

This week also we taught marriage and the law of chastity to a couple that has to get married. And there doubt about getting married was they were afraid seeing all the divorces that they don't want to get married if they're just going to divorce anyways. So I testified to them that when they as a couple do what God wants them to do, and make sacrifices to obey the commandments, that their love will be strengthened and they will be more unified and even though they have problems they will be able to pass through them with confidence in god. And those are the blessings we get. And I asked them if they trusted in God, and they said yes of course, and I said then obey his commandments and your marriage will be so blessed. It was super spiritual and they have put goals to get married. I swear my purpose on the mission is like try to convince people to get married and follow god haha because that is the best thing I testify of. So its cool and we hope that they can get married before their baptismal date of the 15th of June so they can get baptized the day after. We´re praying for that!

Oh and we were playing basketball today and one of the missionaries tried to dunk it and his ring got caught on the rim and ripppeedd his finger it was bleeding sooo much and we could see the bone it was sooo disgusting. He had to go to the hospital and everythinggg hah he broke his finger and ripped alll the skin off to the bone soo gross!

I love you guys!!!!
Elder Nate DIrkmaat

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