Monday, April 28, 2014

Becoming Perfected in Christ

Sector- Batuco, Chile
Companero- Elder Perira
Carta #34

Hey Family!!

Dad thank you for that encouraging email!! its true, if we didnt have the knowledge that eternal families could be together after this life, it would be hard to fully love the people because there would be a limit. And that is one of the greatest messages that we bring to people as missionaries. Many people just think day to day about life and day to day things and earthly things all day and this cannot bring you complete happiness ever. Because if your mind is caught up in daily responsibilities and your happiness relies on the money you have, and the things that you have then you will never have complete happiness because you will never be able to obtain all the money in the world. And you will always have a desire for more and more. But if we put our faith in the one person that is perfect, omnipotent, and has a perfect love for us then we can have happiness because we can know that he will give us the happiness when we do what he wants us to because he is a perfect god and does not lie. So that is why it is so important to know on what thing we have faith in. Because its impossible to have unbreakable faith in something thats not perfect and all powerful and loving towards us. We can only have that kind of faith because we know he loves us, and we know that he wants the best for us. And we know that he will come through with our promises. So that means when we are doing all we can, and a trial comes around or a difficulty, we can know that its what God wants for us. And we will be able to overcome because we will not ask when trials come around, ¨why me?´ or ¨what did I do to deserve this?¨ we will ask questions like ¨what does god want me to learn?¨and ¨what do I need to improve?¨ And we can trust that he will help us overcome them as we pray to him for comfort and help. And we will receive help from the grace of christ which is the mercy and the love of Christ that we can access at all times. Because he will be there to push us forward and to help us take that extra step when we feel like we cant walk any further. Like the story of the pioneers when they were crossing the plains with their handcarts and they felt like they couldnt go any further. They prayed for help from God and suddenly they felt as if their handcarts were being carried. And they looked back and there was no one.

The Temple

Before my mission I hardly ever focused on religious things and all that stuff. Probably because I didnt have that many trials when I was at home hahaha but here on the mission I have learned how to have happiness even when everything isnt alright. And I have learned to trust in what God wants for me is better than what I have now. And I know its a long hard and difficult process to be able to progress and become more like christ but we have to do it and we have to always progress. And we will be able to eventually become perfected in Christ through his atonement and Grace. And That is everyones goal. Because if we are not perfected in him we will not be able to reign in the celestial kingdom by the side of jesus christ and heavenly father unless we are perfected in him and unless we have done all the ordanances is this life. So we are all going to have to go through a lot of stretching to be able to arrive at that point. And its going to be hard but we need to keep our faith!

These past weeks have been so hard on the mission and the mission continues to be hard but I can also see the miracles of change in other peoples lives and my own growth. And I love being able to see the change in peoples lives and the happiness that it brings to their lives. Sometimes I feel like I am not helping all that much because I dont have very many baptisms and a lot of the time people feel the spirit want to change, but they just dont. And it brings me down sometimes but I can know that I did my part. But when the people do change is really when the miracles happen and they can see the happiness in their lives.

I'm so glad that I got an extra call with you this week! haha that was the good part about getting bit by a spider!!! hahah I hope that you guys have a great week and are excited to Skype on the 11th!

Wwooo! That ramp that you guys built looks so sick!! why dont you make it into a halfpipe and put it in the backyard? that would be so much sicker!! haha

I love all you guys!!
Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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