Monday, April 14, 2014


Sector- Batuco, Chile
Companero- Elder Pereira
Carta #32

Hello Family!!

I saw that skatepark!!! obviously, we live across the street from it!!! hahah  It was funny, the other day there were some kids that were trying to drop in so I went over and did it and taught them how to do it!! But its not like I can just go over there alll the time and skate!!! ha

Are you serious!? bobby is just alll over the place now! He doesn't want to surf for a little bit? and relax? Well I guess life gets really different after the mission and you have to grow up! hah

The sector here in Batuco is so much different than my last sector and in many ways wayyy worse haha but the work is good here!  Like the fact that we are starting winter and our shower doesn't work and we have to take a shower in cold water!!!! and that its freeeeezing in the morning and night now hah!!  Also, there's only like 35 members in the branch and its super disorganized so its super hard to work with the ward in the missionary work!!!  But the good thing is that we have a ton of investigators that are really good and are progressing really good towards baptism. The most spiritual part of our week was when we taught this whole family of 7 and they were telling us of all the problems that they were having as a family like a bunch of stupid arguments and the kids not getting along and all the stupid family drama. So we watched the mormon message called "Lasting Love", in Spanish its "Amor Duradero" I think that's what its called.  It shows a husband that takes care of his wife that is really badly disabled and talks about the love we should have for our family. Then we shared Moroni 7: 40 -47 with them and talked about charity. I know I talk about charity a lot but I really think that it is the most important attribute of Christ.  Because if we have charity then we can have alll the other attributes of Christ and with charity we will build lasting relationships and we will always be happy!!  When we taught them the spirit was there so strong as I bore my testimony about charity and shared with them how much it would help their lives. It was a super cool lesson and I think it really helped them to learn how to love one another and to always try to have love and charity for their family. Like I say were supposed to have charity for everyone in the world which is really hard but we can at least start with the people that are closest to us and our family.  I love being able to bare my testimony to people and help them feel that these things are true. And I'm so grateful for my testimony!!

Our Investigators

That camp-out you guys went on looks super sick!! That is one of the things I miss the most is going on camp-outs with all the young men haah!!  Camping was so fun and there are so many memories that we all have from those camp-outs. Especially the one where we canoed for 50 miles haah!!  That's one of the callings I want is to work with the young men so we can do siiiick stuff! haha

I love you Guys!!!
Thank you for sending the package!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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