Monday, March 10, 2014

Listen to the Spirit!

Sector- San Filipe
Companero- Elder Wiseman
Carta- #27

Hahah, Dad that book sounds sick!!! Its called the Rise of Superman? You should send me that book!! I want to read It! That's sick how you can teach the deacons quorum relating it to things they like.
This week has been so hard and challenging!! It has been so hot and I've been discouraged this week at times and so happy at times!! the missions weird and it maks you feel like your bipolar!! However we did have so many miracles this week!! So we were in this small town called Curimon and we were just doing contacts and stuff like 6 weeks ago, and we just decided to go walk to this area where there were hardly any houses there were houses like every 100 yards or so.  And this woman is just walking by so I decide to contact her and she tells us that she was baptized like 5 years ago but hasn't gone to church for like 3 years. So we set up an appointment to go back like 2 days later but she lives like 30 min walk down a dirt road to nowhere so we didnt have time the other day to go by. And then 6 weeks pass by and I just always remember that contact and just get promptings that we should go visit her but we always have so many people to visit and it would be so far out of the way. But then finally this week I told my companion I always have promptings we should go visit her so we walk allllllll the way out there and get to her house and she lets us in. We have a super good lesson with her!  And we found out that she left going to church because one of the sisters used to be super mean to her and would say that she couldn't come to church unless she wore a skirt, and she didn't have a skirt. But the lesson was super good and we committed her to going to church again. She showed up on Sunday!!! WOOO!!! that's super rare because its so hard to get people to go to church on Sunday!!!! we have like 15 investigators that we teach and commit and maybe like 3 of them go if we're lucky!!!!!   She showed up and saw all her friends again and is super happy to be at church!!!  I learned that I really should follow those promptings form the spirit!! 

Oh, and something funny this week, we started teaching this homeless guy. he's like a super intelligent guy and stuff but he's stuck on the streets because of bad mistakes. I contacted him once and he told me he wants to change. So we always teach him and stuff and he loves it! We gave him a white shirt to go to church and we also gave him blankets and stuff because at night it gets cold now. He's started to stop drinking alcohol too. But we have to bring him to church so we go wake him up every morning on Sunday to bring him to church. And we always have to find him somewhere in the plaza. But yesterday we went to wake him up and I walk up to him and I yell in his face like despiertete!!! hahaha and The guy looks up and it was a different homeless guy and he starts getting alll mad!!!! 

That's what has happened this week. The work is going good. I hope you guys are all good too!!! I love you guys have a great week!!!!

Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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