Monday, March 17, 2014

Faith in God!

Sector- San Filipe
Companero- Elder Wiseman
Carta #28

Mommmy!!!! and Daddy!!! hahaha, I don't have a whole lot of time because we went to Santiago this p-day to pick up my companions passport!! hah, but alright here it goes.  Sounds like you guys had a spectacular week! that'd be swweet if you could send me those Mark Abernathy CD'S!!!  Haha, and Dad what you said about us saying I know these things are true and everything and how its hard to be able to say that because its not like we can see God and stuff but I read this book this week during my personal study and its called Lectures On Faith by Joseph Smith.  It used to be in the Doctrine and Covenants but they took it out in like the 70's because they decided it was too deep doctrine haha, I don't know.  But that book explains what Faith is and what power we have when we truly have real faith in God.  It explains it so so so good and it made me realize how powerful the faith that we have is. It was through the faith that God and Jesus Christ have that they can do ALL the miracles they are able to do. And it is through the faith that we have that we do ANY action.  All action comes through faith in something.  And I swear you will learn so much about how powerful faith is if you read that book. It's only like 80 pages long and it breaks it up and shows how important faith in God is so important as the base principle of salvation. READ IT!!! hahah

This week was really cool!!! We are teaching this couple and they are so so so good!! The couple that has a kid and they're like 19 years old.  This week we taught them the Law of Chastity. We knew it was going to be a hard one because they're 19 and already have a kid but we taught it all and after they were all unsure. They really want to get baptized and really want to change their lives but at this moment they were like, that's a lot to ask. They were like, I have no idea if we can get married right now because we're so young and we don't have very much money at all.  But I felt the strongest impression to share my testimony on the law of Chastity.  I shared about how my experience of keeping the law of chastity has blessed my relationship that I have with Emily so much.  And that through keeping it we have such a stronger love. I shared that personal experience only because I felt like I needed to and they both really felt the spirit and were able to understand the blessings that they could have if they obey the law of chastity.   I told them that when they put their relationship in the hands of God and trusted in God to help them, if they kept his commandments they would grow in their love and their family would be so much happier because I have been able to experience that.  Leaving home and Emily was the hardest thing for me ever but now that I'm here growing.  I can see the blessings it's brought to every aspect of my life.  I knew like nothing about the Gospel before and I knew nothing about how it made someone happy.  I always just did the things. But now I see the blessings that I have from putting God's commandments first.  And putting mine and Emily's relationship in the hands of God has been the best decision that we have made.  Because we can both see how this is already blessing our relationship and how it will in the future. I have grown to be so much more grateful for my family and grown to trust in God.  I DID NOT know how to trust in God before.  But I really can trust in God now because I KNOW that He blesses us.  Especially when we make sacrifices.  He knows us perfectly and he knows the sacrifices we all make.  He promises us 100x more blessings in heaven when we make these sacrifices.  I have learned so much, and to be able to testify and share those things with someone so that they could have the happiness of keeping the commandments was so amazing. They came to church again and they hope to get married really soon!!! I can already see how much happier they are as a couple from deciding to change the way they were living before. 
That was the coolest experience of my week and a great testimony of how I learned!!! And Mom, I know I always complain to you about how hard it is. It's because it's hard and there's those weeks where its SO hard!!! But the blessings are so much more!!!  I am dying like 50% of the time on the mish!!!  But It's through the trials and hardships we grow so I'll just have to deal with it hahaah!!

Id like to say something I've learned about the mission:

I would not give up the experiences I have had and will have for a million dollars
But I would not pay a cent to do it again.  

Hahahahaha, that's what I think about the mission.

I love you Guys! 

Dad I love your ramblings!! They're good!!
BTW I'm so glad Ollie is learning how to surf because that's the ONLY way he´ll get anywhere in life..hahah

I love you BYEEEE!!!
Elder Nate Dirkmaat

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