Monday, March 24, 2014

Everyone Wants Happiness!

Sector- San Filipe
Companero- Elder Wiseman
Carta #29

Thanks dad for the words of wisdom!!! You always have good things to say!! hahaah wow!! that sucks you had fix allll that stuff on your car!!! You need to have a car justttt for off roading and just fix it up super bad and have a normal car haha so you can just destroy it!! hahah  But glad to know you guys are doing well and still shreddin it up in CA hahah!!   Im still out here in San Felipe Preachin the Gospel!! haha 

We had a pretty funny experience this week!! So we were knocking doors and this drunk guy comes walking by and I just started to talk to him cuz he was so out of it and I could say whatever I wanted to him and he asked me where I was from.  And I was like im a Gringo from united states! and he came up into my face and was like did you say your gringo? I HATE GRINGOs and he got all mad and just started like yelling all these swear words at me right in my face, and then he was like can I give you some advise? and he stuck out his hand so I took it and he pulled me in and put me in a headlock and gave me like 3 kisses on the neck and let go hahahahahah EW it was soooo horrible!!!! I washed my neck like 3 times after that!! but the worst part was that there were people walking by too!!!!  hahahah but its a good moment to remember!!! there's a lot of people like that here in Chile that just absolutely hate us and yell, "its the CIA" as we walk by!!! hahah 

But we´re still having success here in san Felipe!  This past week we have been focussing on reactivating a lot of people and we have been quite successful!!! We had 6 inactive members in church this Sunday and that was super sweet because Its usually really hard for the Chileans to make it to work!! haha but theres one inactive family that we have been working really hard to bring them back to church and they FINALLY went this week!  They have two kids that are 10 and 9 that havent been baptized yet... so I hope that they can keep going to church so that the father can baptize his two kids!!  

But this week for me was also a really happy and good week because I was really able to see what God has done for me and all that he has blessed me with in my life.  And I was just so grateful for everything.  And happy about choosing to go on the mission.  The mission was super hard for me at the beginning and I had some pretty difficult times where I just wanted to go home and give up haha but I feel like I have overcome that and learned a lot of lessons.  I've learned that as we sacrifice to be obedient to what God wants for us he will bless us 100x more than we can imagine.  Because God knows us perfectly and He knows our feelings and our thoughts and our everything and He knows when it hurts to be here on the mission and He knows when its hard for us, but when we keep pushing forward with faith in God I have learned that God ALWAYS blesses us.  And some people think of going on the mission as going to repay God for all the good that He's done for us and everything, but they will soon realize that its impossible to repay God.  Because He will bless them with more things than they can imagine for going on the mission.  I'm grateful for what I've been blessed with and I can see my happiness from living the Gospel everyday grow.  And when we as members of the Church have this happiness its what makes people want what we have.  Because that is what everyone wants is happiness.  And as missionaries we need to have that happiness and show that happiness we have to our investigators and show how much we want them to have this happiness.  And when they see that happiness they are going to want these things.  And that's what God has blessed me with. So go out and be happy!!! woooooo!! And in the hard times push through and always know that God never breaks his promises.  

I love you Guys!!! I hope you guys have a great week!!!
Elder Nate Dirkmaat 

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