Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm Going to Get So FAT!!

Area- Santiago, Chile MTC
Companion- ??
Letter #2


Hi!! This is my first E mail and it has definitely been the hardest week of my whole entire life. Seriously, so so so hard but learning so much. We are in the classroom for seriously, 13 hours a day with only a break to eat. I feel like I am going to get so FAT Haha. But seriously, I feel so out of shape already I cant imagine six weeks sitting in a room for 13 hours a day!! We get 40 mins of workout time at 7 a.m and we play soccer but that is not nearly enough time to keep me sane!! I never thought the MTC would be so hard though, seriously I cant explain how much they expect you to learn so fast!! I already have a background in Spanish and other people are struggling so much more than me!! They don't talk in English here at all!! I feel so far away from home!! But it is definitely helping my Spanish! I love the spirit here and all the missionaries going out for the same purpose but it is so hard I hope it will get easier these next weeks!! 

My district is cool and we manage to have some fun with all the classes and I have some good friends already!!! They are cool and I like to eat lunch and hang out with them for the 30 mins we have each day when were not in class haha.  My companion however is sooooo crazy. I have no idea why he is so crazy!!! Seriously always studying, most goody goody I've ever met in my entire life but he's spiritual. I like him sometimes but if I stop studying for like 1 min during the day, not even kidding, he will say, Elder.....why are you not studying.  Its really hard but I am trying to love him!! Also, the Brazilian kids here are so funny!! They speak a little bit of English and they always talk to me!! I know like 4 Brazilian missionaries who are, not even kidding, engaged. They proposed to their girlfriends before they left. Hahah its what they do in their culture its funny!! 

District 4 Missionaries!

Santiago is a beautiful city though!! with all the mountains towering over the huge buildings and actually it is really modern!! It is HUGE!! I haven't got to see much because I have only been outside this whole week for like a total of 5 hours this whole entire week but it is beautiful what I can see out my window!! The MTC is on the Santiago temple grounds and it is a very pretty temple!! I like the MTC because of the spirit and so much learning its great!! However so hard but it will all be worth it!!! 

Why don't you guys e mail me next time!!! Haha just kidding I didn't know my p day was going to be Monday, they said it was going to be Tuesday!! Its so hard but worth it and I feel the spirit everyday!! Once I get the language down better it should be much easier and I will try to deal with my companion!! Ill try to send pictures right now if I can figure it out!! 

I love you guys!! I need e mails because they encourage me, soooo you better send me an e mail next time!!! Probably Sunday night would be best!!! I love you guys!!!

Elder Dirkmaat

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  1. Hurrah for Israel, Elder Dirkmaat! Hurrah for Israel <3