Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baptism, Spanish & 5 Goals SCORE!

Area- Santiago, Chile MTC
Companion- Elder Crazy One ??
Letter #3

Hey Family!!!

So this week has been kind of eventful I guess, for being in the boring MTC!! Haha and yes you can send videos I will probably be able to watch them!! 

View from my room

Colombian roommate

Well this week was also super hard, trust me the MTC is not fun, don't expect the MTC to be any fun hahah but I am learning a lot!! I am pretty good at Spanish now and we have 4 investigators that we teach and all the lessons are in Spanish!! ! I already committed one of my investigators to baptism in an all Spanish lesson so that's pretty good huh!? My companion does not know a lick of Spanish so I have to teach the lesson every time and he maybe pitches in his testimony hahah but he's getting better. Ever since my companion became the district leader you have no idea how strict he's become. If I lean back in my chair he will literally tell me to stop until I do it. I'm like dude you don't have that much power over me. Then, I started playing Josh Groban and he made me turn it off because it's not official LDS music!!!! AHHHH I swear the lord is trying to challenge me buttttt I am trying to love him!! Its hard but I will!!! He is a crazy one!!! 

That's our relationship!!

The mall we shop in

But I am way better at Spanish now and I was even talking to the lady when I was getting my haircut!! And since everyone in my district doesn't know how to say all the hair cutting vocab, we all just said "Como David Beckham" (Like David Beckham) because that's what the other missionaries said to do and it worked hahah! 

So the besttt most fun part of my week was when we played a street soccer game, gringos vs Latinos, and it was like Brazilians and Chileans vs us gringos hahah.  There was me and another guy and one other girl that knew how to play on our team. But obviously we destroyed the Latinos BOO YAH We beat them 8 to 4 and I scored five goals on them hahah.  They were so mad but after that the Latinos definitely have more respect hahaha.  But yeah, it was also Chilean Independence week and they party all week and at night the music was so loud all week it was so hard to fall asleep!! They also get so crazy that there were riots started and there were people lighting buses on fire. Haha they say it happens every year so its not unusual  haha. 

Brazilian roommate, his name is Mariano...My companion is very strict..Brazilian is freaking sweet though

Well yeah, that's basically all, the MTC is so hard and we sit on our butts and eat except for the hour of exercise in the morning and the food is okayyy but super unhealthy so i'm kind of getting sick but other than that its great for learning how to be a missionary and I can feel the spirit in my lessons and I am getting so much better at Spanish!! Hope you guys are having fun without me!! 

Love you guys!!!
Elder Dirkmaat
WHAT????  Weed is legal here!!

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  1. hang in there nate! The Lord does provide. and you are definitely doing your part learning spanish and getting so good at it. love aunt kym and grandma betty